Boart to cut more jobs, move offshore

Boart Longyear will cut a number of jobs as its relocates its manufacturing operations from Perth to Poland.

It comes as the drilling company announces that it plans to cut around 20 per cent of its costs, and only a month after it announced that it was cutting jobs at its Forest Field branch due to restructuring.

Speaking to Boart at the time, the company told Australian Mining that "as the mining and mining services markets continue to soften, Boart Longyear has "to take actions to align costs with the expected level of business.

"This includes reducing overhead costs in all our regions and moving the manufacture of drilling products from Perth to existing Boart Longyear facilities. This decision was made to align the cost structure to give the company a more cost competitive footing in the global marketplace."

It went on to state that "the Perth facility will be re-purposed. The company is currently consulting with the impacted employees and is trying to place as many of them as possible in different roles within the company."

Now it has announced that it will relocate manufacturing operations to its existing facilities in Poland.

It went on to state that it is "consolidating the Company’s sonic drilling services with its main exploration drilling service business and reviewing strategic options for sonic services focused on environmental and infrastructure end markets, largely a US-centred business".

According to The Australian it will cut around 300 jobs in Australia, with around 60 to 80 staff already on notice.

"The strength of the Australian dollar certainly has an impact on products that we build there and export, and the wages in Western Australia are not low, so we have to constantly look at our cost position and try and make moves so we can compete in the marketplace," newly instated CEO David McLemore explained.

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