Boart Longyear launches new drill rigs

Boart Longyear has unveiled its new mobile underground coring drill rigs at DrillFest.

The new MDR700 “combines Boart Longyear’s best underground coring technology with advanced mobility, enhanced automation, and engineered safety controls,” Boart stated.

“It’s wide drilling angles reduce rig moves, and quick-and-easy setup enhances ease of operation and maintenance.”

Powered by a 90kW electric motor, the MDR700 features the Boart Longyear LM 700 feed frame delivering 81.4kN of pull back.

The MDR700’s engineered safety controls include a dual emergency braking system and an engine fire suppression system on the carrier, meeting the most advanced underground mine standards.

The spring-close and hydraulic open rod clamp ensures fail-safe operation in case of burst hose or power loss.

Coupled with the proven HQ Rotation Unit, the MDR700 allows users to target all coring diameters up to HQ.

The drill features a breakout system on the rotation unit that uses high-pressure oil and gear rack assistance to break rod joints.

It has a remote controlled positioner for quick set-ups, a maintenance friendly layout, three steering modes for increased mobility, and an optional drill control interface.

These three steering modes include two-wheel steering for on-road travel, four-wheel steering for a shorter turning radius, and a carb like movement for lateral approaches and delicate exits.

It can move at speeds up to 10 kilometres per hour, and trials have shown it is up to 80 per cent faster than a regular underground exploration rig.

Operators can drill 270 degrees horizontally and vertically up to vertically down.

The rig can also drill in a spherical manner without having to reposition the unit.

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