Boart Longyear launches bits that ‘cut faster and last longer’

Boart Longyear has introduced a series of diamond drilling bits that promise to double penetration rates compared to the competition.

Its first launch was the green bit in November 2017, which has a hardness of 4.5–7.5 on the Mohs scale. Following this launch, trials of additional colour-coded bits have taken place.

The Longyear Diamond Bit series includes red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple bits that are designed to meet the needs of various drilling conditions and ground types.

The purple bits have the lowest hardness rating (1–4.5 Mohs) while red bits have the hardest hardness rating (7.5–9 Mohs).

This colour-coded system is designed to make bit selection easier, according to Boart Longyear senior product manager Chris Lambert.

“Drillers want to know, which bit to use, how fast will it cut, and how long will it last?” he said.

“The new Longyear bits simply cut faster (right out of the box) and last longer. The new line of colour coding is meant to make it easier to select and use bits for every type of ground condition and for every driller experience level.”

The bits are designed to drill faster and for longer than existing bit technology.

“Usually, a bit that cuts faster gets used up faster – which means more tripping to change the bit,” explained Robert Jex, US North Coring division manager. “The new Longyear bits seem to have the right balance.

“It’s important to select the right bit for the type of rock encountered. Longyear bits make that easier to do.”

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