Boart launches new underground drill rig

Boart Longyear has launched a new underground diamond coring drill rig – the LM 110.

According to the company the new rig is the latest in its LM modular diamond drill rig lines, and is designed for drilling deep holes.

Boart Longyear added that "this is the most powerful Boart Longyear underground diamond coring drill rig to date".

It comes with a 100 kW power pack, and is able to deliver 33% more torque at the drill head than the previous model – the LM90.

The LM110 also features a 128kN feed frame, and provides high pullback force and a fast rod-handling for increased productivity

It was developed after underground drilling customers required more torque at the drill head, according to Boart Longyear senior product manager Justin Warren.

Part of the wider LM series, which includes the LM30SS, LM55, LM75, and the LM90, the rigs range from small and compact to more robust drills, which all use an electronic control system.

The drill are made from five modular units, a power pack; feed frame; rotation unit; foot clamp; and controller.


“Because of the modular nature of the LM series, Boart Longyear can provide the 110-kilowatt power pack as an upgrade kit to customers that already own an LM series drill rig, providing a more cost effective option than purchasing a complete new drill,” Warren added.

The LM110 can be built with a rod handler and drill control interface for increased safety and hands free operation, as well as semi-autonomous drilling.



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