BMA won’t back down, Dumble says

 BMA says it will not compromise on the outstanding issues in the ongoing enterprise agreement negotiations saga.

The miner’s comment come as it is accused of stripping workers of their rights, hitting back against the Single Bargaining Unit (SBU), saying they are scaremongering, misleading the public and employees’ families, according to the CQ News.

BMA president Stephen Dumble said there are still issues the miner and the SBU do not agree on, and there has been slow progress over the last nine months.

“I think it’s fair to say it has gone much slower than we’d hoped for,” Dumble said.

“The unions don’t seem motivated to get things done.

“A couple of weeks ago we reached a point with the unions that they weren’t willing to compromise on some critical issues, and neither were we.”

He went on to say that the Unit’s ad campaign, which said that employees had to work on Christmas and Boxing Day, is “out there to scare the people and support the unions”.

CFMEU mining and energy Queensland president Stephen Smyth told the ABC the advertisements were an attempt by the union to give its members and the public the facts of the argument.

“What we’re trying to achieve with the ads is obviously a part of our strategy and our campaign to get the factual information out to our members, their wives, the communities they live in and families in general,” he said.

Dumble says the SBU has tried to dictate what workers should be paid and control the miner’s recruitment, getting in the way of BMA hiring the “most credit-worthy person” for a position.

Strikes have been going on at the Queensland coal mines since the beginning of the year.

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