BMA strikes continue to cripple miner

 Another week of rolling strikes is set to hit BMA today.

Approximately 4000 miners will walk off of the job in a move that is expected to cost the miner millions, according to the Daily Mercury.

Unions will set up ‘peaceful assemblies’ around the mines, but will not operate pickets.

It comes as negotiations in the 18 month discussions over enterprise agreements again failed.

The Single Bargaining Unit, a conglomeration of various trade unions, says there will be no compromise on its demand.

The unions claim that "BMA cost-cutting proposal that moves responsibility for safety from the coal face to the management back office".

"These communities know that responsibility for checking and monitoring safety should remain with workers at the coalface," he said.

"It shouldn’t be handed over to a manager in their air-conditioned office."

However, the miner stated that it is simply pushing to select its own safety officers for the coal mines, regardless of whether they have union membership.

"Make no mistake, this is an industrial agenda and is about union benefits and union job security and not about safety," Dumble said.

"By contrast, our focus is on the future, on building a larger, more competitive business. A business that is able to create more opportunity for our employees, for our communities and for our other stakeholders."

The SBU also stated that BMA is refusing to provide crib breaks for miners working 12 hours shifts on consecutive nights.

Housing issues have also been a stumbling block in negotiations.


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