BMA miners claim dismissal threats over union stickers

Workers at BMA's Blackwater mine claim they have been threatened with sacking if they don't remove union stickers from their cars.

One worker in particular has claimed that the company's HR department attempted to make an example of him CFMEU district president Steve Smyth said, according to the CQ News.

"By targeting the one, they (BMA) are hoping to make an example for the rest," Smyth said.

"It's simply un-Australian…. It is simply outrageous in this country to threaten workers for displaying their beliefs."

Smyth stated the union has already filed a letter with the miner, after the worker complied and covered the sticker but was again asked to remove it or be restricted from parking his car in the lot, despite the fact there are no buses to transport workers to the site.

BMA has not denied the worker's claims, stating that it acted within the Fair Work Act, which allows it the right to remove stickers it deems offensive.

"In accordance with the Act, BMA will ask employees to remove or cover up any offensive stickers such as stickers using the word "scab" attached to vehicles parked in the mine site's car park," a BMA spokesperson said.

"BMA continues to negotiate in good faith in accordance with the Fair Work Act."

While the mine and workers butted heads at Blackwater, workers from Gregory Crinum spent their strike time assisting the community instead of picketing.

The latest fight at Blackwater comes as more than 3000 workers return to the mines after another week of rolling industrial action.


Image: CQ News


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