BMA cuts coal contractors

BMA has cut contractors at its Saraji coal mine.

According to Holli Poni on twitter "some contractors have been told their services are no longer needed after the 28th February, some bosses have been axed, too".

She added that the majority of those let go service and maintain the Saraji coal mine's CHPP.

One commentor on Australian Mining's Facebook added that the same is happening at its Blackwater coal mine, stating that by 8 March most contractors will be gone.

Another, Benjamin Vaughn , said in "the last month all but a few have been cut from HSE at Saraji" as well.

A BHP spokesperson explained the staff reduction, telling Australian Mining that "against a backdrop of increasing costs and falling commodity prices, we continue to focus on reducing our overheads and operating costs.  We don’t intend to provide any detail about specific adjustments, but clearly there may be some impact on jobs in some areas".

It comes just a week after BMA announced that it was considering a sell off of its Gregory Crinum coal complex.

A BHP spokesperson told Australian Mining that it is "looking at the potential divestment of the Gregory Crinum mine," adding that it is also considering extending the Crinum operations.

In an official statement, BHP confirmed that it is investigating potential divestment of the Gregory Crinum Mine Complex, located near Emerald in Central Queensland.

"In addition to divestment, the Company is assessing options for the Gregory Crinum Complex to further extend the operation’s life."

However they stressed that no decision has been made as of yet.

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