Blasting accident destroys dozer at Saraji

A blasting accident earlier this week at BMA's Saraji coal mine has destroyed a Cat D11 dozer.

The dozer was reportedly crushed by massive chunks of overburden on Monday, according to the Daily Mercury.

Luckily no workers were injured during the incident, as they were all well outside of the set exclusion zone.

"At approximately 2pm, a bulldozer parked in the equipment zone was destroyed by flying overburden during blasting operations," a Queensland Department of Natural Resources spokesperson said.

"No personnel were near the vehicle or injured during the incident.

The event has currently forced BMA to stop all blasting operations at the site while management reviews its blasting procedures.

It is believed that the dozer belongs to contractor HSE Mining.


Image: Daily Mercury

Saraji has a chequered history when it comes to blasting, after a number of workers were exposed to dangerous nitrogen oxide gas clouds after shot firing.


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