Black Hats, White Hats, and Hard Hats – The Need for Encryption in Mining and Resources

Mineral Blue announces Fedora, a socially responsible encryption system.

Are you concerned by criminals having access to strong encryption? You’re right to be worried. Modern encryption is virtually impossible for governments to crack. That means criminals can operate in secret.

At the same time, honest people need access to cryptography. Without it, every innocent transaction is at risk.

Governments routinely ask encryption providers to provide backdoors that enable them to decrypt ciphertext. This puts providers in a difficult position. Backdoors create weaknesses that can be exploited by a different set of criminals.

This may already be happening, without your knowledge.

Fedora solves this problem by providing secure private key access to the government of your choice from the outset.

Fedora is aimed at socially responsible businesses and individuals.

Fedora is open source, and free.

Fedora goes live on Google Play on January 1.

Mineral Blue is an advanced, cloud-based safe work system for the mining and resources industries.

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