Bimblebox reserve is not important: Palmer

Clive Palmer says the nature reserve covering part of his proposed $8 billion coal mine isn't important or pristine enough to save from mining development.

Palmer told ABC Radio part of the Bimblebox region had already been developed by the agriculture industry.

He said the activity of pastoralists in the area meant it was no longer an unspoiled environment.

"Once you let sheep and cattle into the area, it destroys the natural environment that was there before," he said.

"[…] there are places where the environment is very pristine and very important, Bimblebox isn't one of them."

Environmentalists oppose Palmer and Waratah Coal's plans to develop the China First mine in Queensland on the ground the region contains the endangered Black Throated Finch and other rich reserves of native flora and fauna.

Last year Palmer told Queensland wildlife carer Lyn Laskus the environmental concerns were not important because "people were more important than animals".


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