Bill to end Stradbroke sand mining by 2024

A new push in Queensland’s parliament is seeking to wind down sand mining on Stradbroke Island.

Katter’s Australian Party has introduced its own legislation to end sand mining on North Stradbroke Island, describing it as a sensible compromise between the competing proposals of the major parties.

The Bill follows the government meeting last week with union representatives to discuss their concerns about the proposal’s impact on jobs.

Introduced into parliament today by Katter MP Shane Knuth, the Bill would see the end of mining activity in the area by 2024 – as opposed to the 2025 and 2035 timelines under Labor and the former LNP government respectively.

“The primary objective of the Bill is to sustainably end mining activities in the north Stradbroke mining region by the end of 2024. The Bill also allows for the rehabilitation of land until the end of 2029. [It is] a win for industry and workers, as well as being a win for the community at North Stradbroke Island,” Knuth said in a parliamentary speech.

The move to end sandmining comes as a stark contrast to a move by three MPs in 2013, when support was shown for sand mining on North Stradbroke Island in Queensland.

At the time, Family First MP Andrew O’Shea argued that whilst he was aware of the environmental concerns surrounding the mining activity, the land used for mining on the island was remediated to world-class levels.

Fears were raised over possible silica grains becoming airborne causing respiratory issues, in addition to noise, traffic and environmental impacts that could be delivered by a sand extraction development at the site.

To date Sibelco, which operates on the island, has announced plans to shut its Yarraman sand mine, with the Vance mine to close in 2025, and Enterprise in 2035 if Sibleco applies to renew the lease.

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