Bikie gang switches urine test to score mining job

A WA Health Department official and the Gypsy Joker gang are facing corruption charges over plans to tamper with urine tests and have bikies score mining jobs.

The West Australian reports a joint operation between WA Police and the Corruption and Crime Commission uncovered the plot to beat the mining industry's strict drug testing regime.

According to The West Australian the CCC and gang crime squad officers traveled to Tom Price in the Pilbara last week to charge a Government official.

Police have also charged a number of other individuals, including a senior member of the Gypsy Jokers.

The investigation will allege two men had their urine samples switched in order to gain work in the mining industry.

In addition to corruption the senior bikie was also charged with possessing methylamphetamine (MDMA) and a smoking implement.

The West Australian reports the public officer in Tom Price has also been charged with attempting to possess heroin.

Earlier this year a mine site drug tester said methylamphetamine, commonly known as ice, was starting to spread to mining camps around Australia.

Urine testing has also been a contentious issue in the mining industry, with unions pressing to replace it with saliva testing.

Late last year Fair Work Australia upheld the right of mining contractor HWE to take urine samples, and said saliva testing had unacceptable flaws and was "less effective".

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