BHP considers new Pilbara mine

BHP has begun planning for a new operation to potentially replace its aging Yandi iron ore mine.

While Yandi still has a minimum five to ten year mine life, BHP has begun early preparations for its end by filing scoping studies for a new mine at its Area C project, according to The West.

One of the potential options is the South Flank pit, south of Mining Area C, which would use the existing infrastructure of Area C.

“We are currently studying a number of options to sustain our supply chain capacity for the future, and the South Flank deposit is one option under consideration,” a spokesperson told The West.

“At the current rate of production, the resource supporting Yandi’s 80mtpa operation will need to be sustained from other ore sources at some stage over the next five to 10 years.”

As the studies are still in their initial stages, no capital costs on construction on what could be a two kilometre wide mine have been made.

The environmental documents were opened to the public this week.


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