BHP coal mine goes yellow and blue for charity

BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance's (BMA) Blackwater coal mine has coloured a truck tray blue and yellow to support RACQ Capricorn helicopter rescue.

The site's mobile maintenance superintendent David Byrne used a regular maintenance opportunity to colour a Komatsu 930E tray for the promotion and support of the rescue charity RACQ Capricorn Rescue.

The project, which took just over a month with ten boilermakers working on rotating day and night shifts, saw around 200 litres of blue and yellow applied to the truck tray during its maintenance downtime before it headed back out on site.

Speaking on the new paint job, Blackwater's general manager Frans Knoz said he was proud of the miner's long time support of the community service.

"With RACQ CAPRICORN RESCUE’S capability to respond to an incident in Blackwater within 40 minutes, this vital aeromedical search and rescue service provides reassurance to our employees and our community”, Knox said,

“The rapid response saves lives”. 

RACQ Capricorn Rescue spokesperson Kirsty Hansen said of the support: “We are completely overwhelmed and extremely appreciative by the enormity of the project undertaken by BMA in support of our charity. 

"We maintain a strong relationship with BMA and really look forward to engaging more of their employees. The sight of a 36 tonne yellow and blue dump truck should attract quite a bit of attention on site. It is by far the most creative promotional push that we have seen.” 

BMA currently matches employee donations to the service at a ratio of 2:1 up to $100 000 annually.

On average, RACQ Capricorn Rescue is called in once a week to retrieve patients from the Blackwater area.

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