BHP calls for stronger resources industry support

BHP Australia’s minerals boss Mike Henry has called on resource leaders to do a better job of promoting the industry’s innovation, bright future, and economic contribution.

Speaking at the International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) Gala Dinner on the event’s final day, Henry said promotion is needed or the industry risks declining public support and damaging policies.

“I think that many people see resources, and certainly mining, as a relatively low tech industry in decline, whose golden days are behind it,” he said.

“No wonder then that we see waning support for the industry and in some quarters damaging policies being enacted or advocated for.  If people can’t see that this is an exciting, innovative industry, with a bright future ahead of it, and which plays such an important role in the economy, then why would they be strong supporters of it?”

He added that public support is needed for the industry’s wellbeing.

“Their support and the policies that governments craft are crucial to our collective well-being. If any leg in this tri-partite partnership breaks down, our shared prosperity gets put at risk.

“Together, we need to ensure that our industry and the opportunity it continues to present to the nation is well understood by the public and by policy makers.”

More than 2500 resources leaders and experts from more than 57 countries attended IMARC in Melbourne this week to discover the latest in mining technology, exploration, investment, and safety.

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