BHP Billiton locks in technology partnership with Hatch

BHP Billiton and technology company Hatch have entered into a collaborative development partnership, which will aim to accelerate the development and deployment of technological advances in mining and mineral processing.

According to Hatch, a collaborative approach like this is the future of technology development in the mining industry.

Damien Harding, Hatch’s performance innovation director, said the partnership’s intent was the future of technology development in the mining industry.

“Our two companies are working together to accelerate the realisation of benefits from potential innovations. BHP Billiton will have access to Hatch’s proven technology-commercialisation experience and deep mining-domain expertise in business process design, operational performance, engineering, and digital systems,” Harding said.

He added that Hatch developed a healthy ecosystem of expert practitioners and collaborating global partners to support the partnership.

“Our essential differentiator goes beyond having the depth and breadth of skills to innovate. It’s also the knowledge and expertise to integrate all the elements we need to rapidly develop and implement holistic solutions that will have a significant impact on the mining industry,” Harding said.

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