BGC Contracting enters partnership with FIFO Familes

Mining contract firm BGC has joined with FIFO Families to increase support for its 2000 FIFO workers.

The partnership will give its workers full access to services and programs provided by FIFO Families.

The agreement was announced last night during the opening of BGC Contracting's new head office.

BGC CEO Greg Heylen said the initiative demonstrates that the company takes the concept of looking after its workers seriously.

"One of our corporate values is safety, and as a part of this we have made a commitment to look after our employees' health and well-being," Heylen said.

“Those who have to spend long periods working on remote sites face unique pressures in their family lives and we have a duty to provide them with adequate support.”

The contractor has provided FIFO Families with a cheque for $115 830 as an initial investment in the company's program.

BGC Contracting has FIFO operations at the Koolyanobbing, Wodgina, Mt Webber, Spinifex Ridge, Ichthys, and Roy Hill operations.

The current state and use of FIFO camps has come under a cloud in recent times following comments by politicians likening them to refugee and concentration camps, highlighting the impact these camps have on the workers.

Late last year Julie Bishop described conditions at the Nauru detention centre as better than some mining camps.

She said the living standards are high, and that "they were certainly better than mining camps in Australia".

This was followed by Labor MP Jo-Ann Miller's statements earlier this month that FIFO camps are similar to concentration camps, which sparked outrage.

“To say that mining companies are engaging in fly-in fly-out postcode apartheid is no exaggeration.”

“Workers are being kept in what can only be described as mining concentration camps.

“They are being told that they are not free to leave or to mingle or to talk with locals.

“In fact, some have to fill out a form and get written permission to leave these concentration camps.”


Australian Mining's own Ben Hagemann, a former FIFO worker hiimself, penned an opinion piece on life in FIFO camps, as a response to Miller's statements.

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