Between a rock and a crusher mantle

Welding reclamation and hardfacing of gyratory crushers proves its worth. Daniel Hall writes.

SWP Integra, a division of Specialised Welding Products, provides the industry with hardfacing and weld reclamation solutions in the Power Generation, Cement, Steel, Sugar, Mining and Mineral Processing Industries.

SWP Integra has developed new welding procedures said to extend the life of new crusher mantles and to rebuild worn crusher mantles.

The process involves using a tri-alloy combination of welded alloys which protects the cast manganese steel base material from the high welding stresses, absorbs the extreme compressive crushing loads and resists high stress abrasion during crushing.

The result is a composite crushing mantle that is said to outlast a manganese steel casting up to two and a half times.

According to the company, this technology is ideally suited to all gyratory crushers with a cast base material of 14% manganese steel.

“Cost savings are multiplied with a longer lasting mantle, less mantle changes, less adjustments to the mantle to maintain a constant gap between the mantle and the concaves and less downtime changing mantles,” SWP Integra sales engineer David Wyatt said.

“All of these factors result in higher productivity and a lower running cost.”

According to Wyatt, normally, when a mantle wears to its maximum depth and there is no more adjustment available, the mantle is removed and sold to the foundry for scrap value.

“The worn mantle can now be recycled regardless of the depth of wear,” Wyatt said.

“The turnaround time to rebuild a worn mantle is about four weeks. This is a much faster turnaround than purchasing a new cast mantle from the foundry or OEM.

“The energy required to recycle and hardface a worn mantle is about 10% of the energy required to cast and machine a new mantle from a foundry and machine shop.”

During a recent two year trial, the company has hardfaced 15 new mantles and refurbished and hardfaced eight worn mantles.

According to the company, no instance of fracture of the base material has occurred during the trial period.

“The tightly controlled welding process does not have a detrimental affect on the structural integrity of the cast manganese steel mantle,” Wyatt said.

Hardfacing wires have been specifically developed by the Welding Alloys Group for this process, which allows the welding of the Manganese steel substrates.

“The hardfacing alloy deposited has been designed to withstand the high impact conditions within the crusher and offer increases in wear life compared to the original base material,” Wyatt said.

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