Better Than A Bird: Portable Wireless Gas Safety for Confined Spaces

Once upon a time, the “canary in the coal mine” was a worker’s only hope of surviving an industrial gas leak and its ensuing disaster. Nowadays, technology is playing a critical role in gas safety, and has the ability to prevent worker injuries and costly downtime for plants.

However industrial gas leaks do still occur, and there’s no going back if someone is hurt.

Confined spaces pose a significant potential threat from poisonous gases and man-down incidents. The potential for poisoning, contamination and explosions in confined spaces means there is an immediate need for efficient and effective gas detection systems to ensure the safety of those working in these potentially hazardous environments.

According to WorkSafe Victoria’s Compliance Code for Confined Spaces, the risks of working in confined spaces include:

  • loss of consciousness, injury or death due to the immediate effects of airborne contaminants
  • fire or explosion from the ignition of flammable contaminants
  • asphyxiation resulting from oxygen deficiency
  • asphyxiation resulting from engulfment by stored material, including grain, sand, flour or fertiliser

In order for employers to ensure that all hazards associated with work in confined spaces are identified before anyone enters the space, businesses can employ a wireless confined space gas detection system.

Tracking capabilities, real-time wireless connectivity to a central office, and data logging and recording that delivers simplified management and streamlined compliance gives safety managers the ability to make fast decisions and respond quickly when needed; ultimately increasing worker safety and minimising asset loss.

Scalable Plant-Wide Gas Safety

ConneXt Pack – Confined Space is part of the Honeywell ConneXt Safety Solution – the world’s first wireless, plant-wide gas detection safety system – helping the industry to be prepared and stay prepared.

The turn-key product uses advanced wireless hazard data to alert attendants and workers about toxic gas contaminants, oxygen deficiencies and physiological stress. It also provides man-down alarms that mean faster response times, increased worker and asset safety and improved productivity in industrial environments.

The ConneXt Pack – Confined Space system presents benefits to users, contractors, safety managers and organisations. Implementing an automated and reliable gas safety solution that monitors safety hazards reduces workers’ stress, allows safety managers to take timely action regarding rescues, and thus reduces the risk of injury and potential OHSA fines for organisations. 

RAE Systems by Honeywell’s real-time intelligent gas detection elevates compliance, productivity and most of all, plant-wide gas safety.

For more information on RAE Systems by Honeywell’s revolutionary ConneXt Pack – Confined Space solution, visit or download the whitepaper here.

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