Best mining accounts to follow on Twitter

Twitter is a great way for mining companies to show the public what they’re all about, and some have nailed the medium to create entertaining content for us tweet-heads.

We are a huge fan of Twitter here at the Australian Mining office and use it every day to source information, see what companies are up to and just generally stay in the loop as to what’s going on in the world.

But our favourite Twitter accounts centre around the world of mining because we love the sector.

Here’s our list of the best mining Twitter accounts to add to your following list.

Thiess would have to take the mantle as the mining company doing the best job with its social media channels, including Twitter.

Thiess regularly updates its followers with impressive photos of the sites it works on, like this:

To the rehabilitation efforts at its mine sites;

The company also tells interesting stories about its employees and what they’re getting up to in the communities in which they operate.

We also love the Thiess' throwback photos which feature mining operations from as far back as 1939.

One of the largest mining companies in the world, Anlgo American is a deft hand when it comes to social media.

The company’s Twitter page is awash with pictures, videos and interesting content about its many sites across the globe.

Recently Anglo has focused on telling the stories of its employees in a host of videos which gives us a great insight into the company's people.


Anglo also posts some great fun facts about the commodities the company produces in its #Didyouknow series.

This account is run by the government sector, and does a great job at promoting the NSW mining industry with fun and useful content.

It covers everything from coal, to rare earths, to opals.


You can also stay up-to-date on the latest industry conferences and events.

We know it's not a mining company but Shell definitely deserve a mention for its Twitter account.

The team does a great job in producing engaging content that tells a story about the company’s many projects.

From gas pipelines in Europe;


To the lifecycle of a gas molecule;


For some of the best images of mining trucks, dozers, excavators and more, you can’t go past CAT.

We love this Twitter account for one reason: it features the world’s best mining equipment doing what it does best.

Newmont Mining's Asia Pacific regional Twitter account focuses on Boddington, Kalgoorlie, Tanami, Waihi, Batu and Hijau mines.

The company regularly announces when new job opportunities come up at its sites.


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