Best mining accounts to follow on Instagram

For those who think the mining industry is pretty impressive, there is nothing better than seeing pictures of different pits, machines, and people from around the world.

We like to call this mining-porn, and the best place to find said porn is on Instagram.

Below is a list of our favourite accounts. If you know of any others, let us know!


Nedraweek is a mining publication out of Russia. The account does a great job of picking up photos posted by people in the sector and republishing them.

From dirty coal covered faces, to shots of UG shearers to phenomenal blasting videos- this one has it all.

Thiess Mining

As one of the world’s leading open-cut contract miners, Thiess has some of the greatest mining pictures and uses them brilliantly to tell a story about its sites.  


Real mining workers from around Australia, with some handling snakes on site! Showing the human side of mining doesn’t get much better than this.


For photos of trucks on fire, fallen over dozers and broken cranes – this is the account for you.

Norilsk Nickel

Norilsk, located in Russia, is the world’s northernmost city and as such is covered with snow for around 270 days of the year.  Polar nights last from to December to mid-January; that means six weeks with no sun.  In summer, the sun does set for more than six weeks.

Nickel ore is smelted on site at Norilsk, and this is said to contribute to the severe pollution in the city.


The best of iron ore mining photos from the Pilbara. This account even features time lapse videos of trucks at work; very impressive!

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