Best Metalliferous Mine of the Year category

Atlas Copco is again sponsoring the Metalliferous Mine of the Year category.

Atlas Copco is again sponsoring the Metalliferous Mine of the Year category in the 5th Annual Australian Mining Prospect Awards.

This category will recognise improvements in productivity, new technologies and innovative process or techniques in metalliferous mines.

Previous finalists have included BHP Billiton Iron Ore Mt Whaleback operations which made blast hole drilling more efficient and less costly.

Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mines was also recognised for its contribution to innovative techniques.

The Kalgoorlie super pit developed a number of innovative solutions on the mine site, including improved blast optimisation and improved occupational health and safety standards.

2007 Winner

Newcrest Mining’s Ridgeway gold-cooper operations located near Orange won the 2007 Best Metalliferous Mine of the Year award.

In April 2005, Ridgeway switched from contractor to owner mining.

The mine was looking to further increase the productivity of two long-hole production drill rigs.

Mine management investigated ways to achieve higher daily drilling rates with the same manning and equipment.

The innovation was successful in increasing drilling rates and staff were relocated as a result.

Ridgeway holds the title as the first mine in Australia to use a mechanised bit changing system in conjunction with the rig automation technology.

2006 Winner

Xstrata Copper won the 2006 Metalliferous Mine of the year award for implementing a range of initiatives to help manage the skills shortage in the industry.

In 2003, Xstrata Copper developed a training and vocational program to ensure close partnership with key stake holders including schools, government and training providers.

The program targets students from Year 7 and upward.

Year 10, 11 and 12 students can spend some of their school time on site at Xstrata which goes towards their school certificates.

Xstrata targets vocational training in three ways, through apprenticeships for school students, who typically spend three days at school, one day at Tafe and one day on-site at Xstrata per week.

It also offers traditional workplace apprenticeships, as well as offering adult apprenticeships to people within the business.

In addition to Xstrata’s investment in schools and other education providers, the company also spends $11 million a year in internal staff training.

For information on entering this category, email or call Jessica on 02 9422 2909.

Entries close Friday 27 June.

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