Bearded women crash Melbourne Mining Club dinner

Last night's Melbourne Mining Club meeting was crashed by a group of female protestors in beards.

According to the group known as La Barbe, they gathered to 'congratulate the beard dominated gathering on its efforts to strengthen the patriarchy by fast tracking climate change".

The group crashed the Cutting Edge Series and proceeded to "congratulate" the mining industry for its exclusion of women and its lobbying against the carbon tax.

Currently, the number of women in mining is growing, with women accounting for around 15% of overall workers in the industry.

The women in beards then proceeded to present Richard Morrow from E.L. & C. Baillieu with a 'prestigious Golden Beard award for his services".

Speaking to the Melbourne Mining Club's Chris Fraser, he said the protestors came in towards end of the actual meeting.

"While they were polite, they were uninvited and unwelcome, and their issues seemed to be addressed not so much at the mining industry rather more at women's role in society in general," Fraser told Australian Mining.

"There was no hostility, either from the crowd or the protestors; the audience called for them to get off the stage and to turn the microphones off, which happened, and after that the women left."

Le Barbe describes itself as a satirical French feminist action group.

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