Be a man and get a check up: FIFO worker talks prostate cancer

A Gladstone fly in, fly out worker, Liz Jelley, is taking the initiative to raise awareness of prostate cancer.

It comes after the 27-year-old lost her father to the disease in May this year.

Jelley has launched a work-wear campaign which calls on men to “man up” and get a check up, The Gladstone Observer reported.

A new range of visibility work shirts will carry the slogan “be a man and get a check up” and will be released by Barcoo Workwear and the Prostate Awareness Research Foundation.

“When men don’t want to go to the doctor, I tell them to look at what happened with my dad,” Jelley said.

“It was a really good example of why you need to get checked out.”

She said while her father Lance was healthy, he never got a check-up.

“He knew he needed to go, but didn’t” Jelley said.

Jelley is a quality coordinator on the QCLNG site. She said many of her male colleagues share the same outlook.

“The boys on site think they are so different, that it won’t happen to them, but it could,” she said.

“To have something like (the campaign) means that we can help someone else.”

Lance struck a friendship with Barcoo CEO Mike Kaye and they teamed up to decide on prostate cancer awareness slogans to appear inside the work wear range.

“Lance worked on the messages he liked most before his death and was hopeful this would help with prostate cancer research,” Kaye said.

“We know women are really good at going to the doctor, so we are also going to put the message in our women’s range of shirts, so they can also remind the men in their lives.”

Barcoo Workwear will donate to the Prostate Awareness Research Foundation for research into the disease for every shirt it sells.

The Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia went to Gladstone and Emerald with the Rural Education Roadshow to spread awareness of the disease.

Medical research fund the Mater Foundation said at the Queensland Mining Expo workers in the male-dominated mining industry need to educate themselves on prostate cancer and how to prevent it.

They added prostate cancer is tougher to market and raise awareness than breast cancer.

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