Batsh*t crazy? Activists plan six-day anti-coal rally

It was the protest last year that saw a woman dressed as batgirl scale a coal loader at Boggabri coal mine, and it's back.

According to activists, the “bat attack” rally will run for six days from February 13, and include “all of the best music, skillshares, workshops, arts, and action”.

The location of the event is being kept a secret by organisers.

The protest comes as Whitehaven Coal prepares to clear more of the Leard state forest as part of the construction of its Maules Creek mine.

Protesters claim the work will cause harm to a number of bat species. 

Direct activism at Whitehaven Coal’s Maules Creek mine site and surrounding operations has been ongoing for close to 13 months.

Protests at the sites are common, as are arrests, with Police continually forced to cut people free after they've chained themselves to trucks, trees, gates, and construction machinery.

Over 250 people have been arrested since protests begun.

Last year a woman dressed in a batgirl costume shut down Idemistu’s Boggabri coal mine after using a harness to suspend herself upside down on the site’s coal loader.

Frontline Action on Coal spokesman Jonathan Moylan would not rule out similar stunts as part of this year’s “bat attack”.

“As long as it’s non-violent and doesn’t cause injuries,” Moylan said.

NSW Minerals Council CEO Stephen Galilee said the action taken by protesters could lead to serious injury.

“Last year people could have been killed when activists illegally entered a mine site and suspended themselves from a coal loader,” Galilee said.

“There are serious crimes and those responsible should face the full force of the law.”

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