Barnaby Joyce warns of mine pit lake threat

Senator Barnaby Joyce claims the Queensland Government has failed to address the issue of contaminated water in a pit lake at the Mount Morgan gold mine.

He claims the pit lake is almost full and could potentially leak into the nearby Dee River, according to the ABC.

It’s absurd when you think that when that freighter went onto the reef off the coast of Gladstone everybody was out there, they couldn’t help themselves, they were jumping in planes, jumping in helicopters, they were flying around and making an incredible fuss.

"Now when we’ve got something that’s really serious, an environmental problem, where are they?"

Queensland mines minister Stirling Hinchliffe hit back, saying the Government had already addressed the issue.

Hinchcliffe stated that work had “just finished on a $1.8 million upgrade of the water treatment plant to increase the capacity of water treatment at the old site that allows us to continue to do the controlled releases that are part of appropriate management of this mine site.”

This comes after complaints from a grazier in north west Queensland who states that the Government has ignored his claims that waste leaking from a nearby mine had turned water on his property blue.

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