Bailey access platforms keeping workplaces compliant and workers safe by preventing fall hazards

Companies all over the world have a legal and moral obligation to provide a safe workplace to their employees. Compliance laws have been put in place to ensure employers are creating and sustaining a safe and secure working environment for their workers, guaranteeing their physical and mental wellbeing.

The issue of workplace safety has far-reaching implications across any industrial or commercial operation, impacting the company’s profitability and reputation. The extent of damage can be gauged from the fact that workplace injuries, diseases and fatalities in the financial year 2008-09 alone cost the economy an estimated $60.6 billion in forgone economic activity, or 4.8 per cent of Australia’s total GDP.

The key to managing workplace injuries is to identify potential risk areas and take preventative action. For instance, ‘working at height’ is an occupational hazard at most worksites and it’s the employer’s responsibility to ensure their workers are able to complete their tasks in such conditions safely and without risk of injury from falls. The Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011 specifies that requirements for the management of fall hazards shall “apply to all fall hazards from one level to another, regardless of the distance from the ground, including the use of low level platforms and hazards”.

The WHS regulation also provides a five-level hierarchy of control, which stipulates various options to manage fall hazards. Level 5 of this hierarchy of control recommends using a ladder or implementing administrative controls and fixed/portable ladder and work procedures for effective hazard control when working at height.

Selecting the right ladder for work at height applications is a tough task even though regulations are in place under the Australian and New Zealand Standards for Ladders. Given the multiple ladder options available in the market that often claim to meet the mandated Standards, it’s always advisable to choose a brand with an established reputation in the industry.

Leading ladder brand Bailey is a proven name in Australia, endorsed by thousands of industry professionals, tradespersons and workers who have safely used these ladders in diverse work at height applications. Bailey is also manufactured by Werner, the largest ladder manufacturer in the world, providing the confidence of proven performance.

Bailey Ladderweld access platforms

Previously known as order pickers, access platforms are considered a safe and stable option for working at height. Bailey Ladderweld access platforms from Werner are lightweight and portable in design, and highly manoeuvrable at worksites. Featuring an industrial load rating of 170kg, the access platform has been tested at multiples of this load rating to deliver the assurance of impressive strength and durability.

Design highlights of Bailey Ladderweld access platforms include handrail at 900mm above the platform to comply with scaffolding edge protection standards; manually operated braking system with a high-vis powder coated activation arm, which when locked, prevents unauthorised use; fully welded system manufactured from heavy duty aluminium; steel bracing protecting against impact damage; and adaptable design allowing yellow rear guards to be removed to transform into a walkthrough design complete with a safety gate.

Bailey Ladderweld access platforms from Werner are made to the Australian and New Zealand Standard 1892.1.

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