Avoid catastrophic failure on critical fans 

Industrial fans running in severe operating conditions demand a high level of resources, often over-lubricating to mitigate reliability issues. Most of them are critical assets so they cannot stop functioning: and that’s where SKF comes in. 

Lubrication is vital to the mining industry and the performance of the rotating equipment used. However, as vital as it is, 40 per cent of maintenance costs are related to poor lubricant. Proper management is therefore crucial.  

SKF makes it easy to cut down on costs, safety incidents and downtime caused by poor lubrication. The company helps customers find the right lubrication in the right quantity, at the right time and in the right place.  

It may sound simple, but the company has dedicated and invested in competence, skill and foresight to provide the best help to its customers. 

For example, performing a manual lubrication routine at an industrial fan can create a risk to the safety of employees and increase maintenance costs and unplanned stops, which in turn put production at risk. SKF’s On-Demand Lube System is an easy solution to this problem .  

This system can be installed and connected to the SKF REP (Rotating Equipment Performance) Centre, which is manned by various SKF experts in application engineering and diagnostics of machine condition. The specialists on hand will monitor the bearings of the suction fan and lubricate them when needed.  

When the system detects rising vibration levels on the fan associated with poor lubrication, it automatically lubricates on the specific point until vibration levels return to normal. 

A recent SKF case study showed that one customer who used the the On-Demand Lube System was able to avoid a potential failure, and downtime was significantly reduced. The system continued to monitor and provide additional lubrication when needed, avoiding six hours of unplanned production stops in only two months after installation.  

SKF’s lubrication management systems can also reduce lubricant over-use and environmental impact. The avoided emission from using less lubricant is up to 2.2 kg of carbon dioxide per kilogram of lubricating grease. 

SKF is committed to making workplaces safer and more efficient while reducing unnecessary costs, downtime, and environmental impacts. Having been in operation since 1907, it has got it down to a fine art.  

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