Australian Pacific Coal appoints new CEO

Australian Pacific Coal (AQC) has appointed previous executive director John Robinson Jnr as the new CEO.

Robinson was previously an executive director at the miner. The Board selected Robinson based on his performance in managing multiple interests of the company, and he has brought a strong focus on corporate strategy with delivered outcomes.

He will earn $200,000 per annum.

AQC’s former CEO, Nathan Tinkler, resigned in February this year after declaring bankruptcy. The notice was issued in July 2015, with Tinkler reportedly owing GE Commercial Australia an estimated $2.8 million.

The company agreed on a $50 million purchase of Anglo American’s 83.33 per cent stake in Dartbrook Coal Mine, with Tinkler raising $20 million to finance the purchase in January last year.

AQC is still in the process of completing its acquisition of the Dartbrook project and is actively managing the transition.

John ‘Foxy’ Robinson is a Darwin real estate tycoon.

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