Australian Olympics tries to pull Anna Meares mining ad

The Australian Olympic Committee has asked Australian Mining – This Is Our Story to pull its current ad campaign with cyclist Anna Meares.

Speaking to Alan Grover, the director of marketing and brand protection for the Australian Olympic Committee, he explained that Meares has been put in a difficult position by the ads which ran on Sunday.

"By appearing in the ads Meares may possibly be in breach of Olympic Insignia Protection Act and the Olympic Charter, which all the athletes sign prior to competing," Grover told Australian Mining.

He has asked the mining lobby group to cease and desist from running any further advertisements and promotions featuring Olympic cyclist Anna Meares.

The ads focus on how both Meares parents work in the mining industry, for BHP Billiton in Middlemount, Queensland, and her comeback after an accident in Los Angeles, U.S.

The Olympics will be held from 27 July until 12 August, in London.

The lobby group Australian Mining- This is our story is a conglomerate of various mining companies and minerals councils, and is unrelated to the publication Australian Mining.


Below is the video in question.


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