Australian miners killed in Indonesia named

The two Australian miners from Newcrest killed in Indonesian helicopter crash have been named as Adrian Aird and Barry Tomlinson.

The two were amongst the ten killed in when a helicopter making its way from Mandao Airport on Sulawesi Island to Newcrest’s Gosowong mine, crashed, according to The West.

Aird, 34 and Tomlinson, 53, were both killed on site.

One person was rescued from the site, but later died of their injuries in hosptital.

The other eight victims were employees with PT Nusa Halmahera Mineral, a joint venture between Newcrest and PT Aneka Tambang.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Aird’s mother Margaret said he was about to become a father for the fourth time.

"He was the life of the party, he had an excellent sense of humour, it was very dry, and everyone loved him. He was good. Too good to be gone," she said.

Aird was about to welcome his first child with his second wife.

Tomlinson was working as a contractor in Indonesia.

He had previously worked for Remote Control Technologies in Perth.

Image: Reuters

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