Australia trailing on mine collision safety, QLD commissioner says

Queensland mine safety and health commissioner Stewart Bell says Australia is falling behind in mine safety.

Speaking at Mackay’s Bowen Basin Coal and Energy Conference, Bell said the mining industry here is lagging behind the rest of the world in regards to collision avoidance technology and proximity detectors on site, according to the ABC.

If you look internationally, South Africa and America are now regulating, mandating, to have that sort of equipment on their heavy vehicles," he said.

"We’re slightly behind the eight-ball in this sort of technology.

"We have a reputation in Australia for being on the front-foot when it comes to mine safety and in this particular area we’re probably behind the rest of the world."

In March this year, Anglo American was forced to suspend operations at its Dawson coal mine after a dump truck ran over a light vehicle, crushing it.

There were no injuries recorded.

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