Australia has more mining deaths than Iran!

Does Iran have a safer mining industry than Australia?

The statistics say yes, according to figures from Iran’s Lorestan University of Medical Science.

An official from the University told Iran’s ISNA news agency that one miner dies every 16 days in Iran, out of 5600 operating mines in the middle-eastern country.

So far this year, in only 181 days, Australian Mining has counted 12 mining workers that have died while at work or in camp.

At that rate, Australia has had one mining worker die every 15 days.

To compare, Iran is a country of 76 million people with an estimated 5600 operating mines, with one mining worker dying every 16 days.

Australia is a country of 22.7 million people with an estimated 446 operating mines, with one worker dying every 15 days, from an estimated 267,000 workers in mining and external related services.

Last year only six mining industry workers were killed nationwide in the entire year, and the year before no workers died in Western Australia.

Deaths to Date

Image: Mehr News

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