Australia and Russia sign mining MoU

Australia’s Austmine and Russia’s Union of Mining Industry has signed an historic MoU designed to develop the relationship between Russia miners and Australian METS companies.

The agreement, six years in the making, will see greater co-operation and the carrying out of joint activities in the mining sector, and was signed at Mining World Russia.

The main focus will be on technology and mining solutions.

In the MoU it states a framework focusing on “enabling mutual exchange of knowledge and expertise, including scientific research into mining solutions”.

This agreement also outlines the scheduling of regular business events between the two nations, such as round table discussions, seminars, and conferences.

Education and development of Australia and Russia’s mining workers was also a key aspect.

There will also be the creation of either a representative or representative body to ensure the effectiveness of the agreement.

Austmine CEO Robert Trzebski told Australian Mining ​”the signing of this agreement is very symbolic, and regardless of the current political situation, the show must go on, and this agreement provides a pathway for Australian companies to do that”.

“It also shows that Russian companies recognise what Australians are doing and want to work with them as they can see the value of our products and services.

“Working in Russia and the CIS is a long term opportunity, and this agreement gives us the vehicle to work on that and really expand Australia’s reach.”

The MoU will last for around three years.

Speaking at the launch of the MoU, Australia’s ambassador to Russia Paul Myler commented on the effectiveness of agreements such as these, stating that “when miners talk to miners, good business gets done,” adding that the new agreement is “an opportunity to expand our bilateral trade” with Russia.

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