Austin Engineering release new wheel loader bucket designs

Austin Engineering has developed to new JEC bucket designs for Letourneau wheel loaders.

According to the manufacturer these buckets, the JEC L1850-2 and the JEC L2350-2, can hold approximately 28.3 and 38.2 cubic metres respectively.

The buckets are fully OEM compatible and designed with OEM specifications and bucket design limitations, cutting the potential for warranty implications for operators' machines.

"Wear and fatigue life are improved through a heavy duty main shell plate," Austin stated, "and the reinforced headboard provides high impact resistance".

"Superior strength and resistance to deflection is achieved through a flat base design which provides a uniform bucket floor for grounding leveling and clean-up operations.

"Increased operator protection is achieved through a spillguard extension, along with improved visibility due to the numerous cut-outs in the headboard and the spillguard infill plate."

The buckets also have increased performance and penetration due to a spade lip design, with a 15 degree edge angle in-lieu of standard 10 degree units.

Both buckets are fully customisable, with their structure having been optimsed by FEA analysis.

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