Aussies want a fair go for small miners

A new survey suggests Australians still support the underdog with one third of respondents saying the mining industry is too heavily dominated by multinationals.

A poll conducted by UMR has revealed some surprising opinions about the mining industry and how it’s affecting people.

41 per cent of Australians believed the boom was making them better off while 26 percent said it was harming them and 36 per cent weren’t sure.

The results also showed that men were more likely to feel better off due to the boom than women while education seemed to make a difference with 49% of people with a university degree believing mining had helped compared with only 31 per cent of those without higher education.

Perth mining consultant David Utting who commissioned the research says only 13 per cent of those surveyed felt conditions were fair for smaller companies or those new to the industry while 66 per cent felt it was too dominated by multinationals.

“I am surprised by the depth of feeling on this issue but Australians have always had a soft spot for the underdog,” he told BusinessDay.

“The message is clear that more should be more done to encourage and support the junior end of the market.”

There were also differences between the mining states. 52 per cent of West Australians felt mining was improving their lives compared to only 31 per cent of Queenslanders. NSW and Victoria posted an approval rating of 42 per cent.

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