Aussie sites test MMG’s new safety software

Global mining firm MMG says it’s ahead of schedule in rolling out a new safety system, with the Century mine in Queensland the first site in the world to feature the technology.

Speaking at a conference in Madrid, MMG health and safety systems manager Tania Fiegert said the company’s Australian sites had been a test case for the wider rollout of the software, which helps record safety observations and incidents like near misses.

“We stayed in Century … for around two months, and provided a lot of post go-live support to embed the way the system needed to be run,” she said.

After introducing the system at Century in August Fiegert said MMG had moved on to the Drugald River mine in Queensland, and the Rosebury mine in Tasmania, iT News reports.

Fiegert said after operating successfully in the Queensland and Tasmania mines, MMG was working on implementing the system across its global operations.

The Golden Grove mine in Western Australia will also be using the package by around late December or early January.

“We use this system for incidents, near misses, employee hazard reports, safety observations, meetings, inspections and audits,” she said.

The new system will be underpinned by SAP software, but will feature a single, standardised approach to reporting safety across the company’s global operations.

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