Aussie mining office attacked in Kyrgyzstan

Around 200 Kyrgyzstan nationalists have attacked Australian miner Manas Resources' subsidiary's local office.

Around 200 Kyrgyzstan nationalists have attacked Australian miner Manas Resources’ subsidiary’s local office.

Manas are developing the Shambesai goldfield in southern Kyrgyzstan through subsidiary Z-Explorer, but has seen some local opposition, according to Reuters.

It began late last week, when a dozer heading to the deposit was halted by a mob.

This mob then grew and moved on to Z-Explorer’s offices in the nearby village, ransacking and looting the office, as well as burning documents.

“They said they feared that our works could damage the environment and harm water supplies and their orchards,”Z-Explorer’s spokesperson Jyldyz Akmatova said.

The protesters “took all the papers and documents and burnt them, and beat the bulldozer operator although police managed to save him from the crowds,” she told The Korrespondent.

She added that the company believes it was politically motivated.

“Z-Explorer expresses its concern over this incident, in particular, over the participation of some deputies of the local council in these unlawful actions, which undermine trust in state power and have a negative impact on attracting investment,” she said.

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