AusProof launches PES 60A plug and receptacle range

The launch of the PES 60A range now gives customers the opportunity to select from a greater AusProof range, offering a suite of high voltage couplers to low voltage restrained range solutions.

For the past 40 years, AusProof, an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), has grown into a leader in coupler research, development, design, manufacturing and distribution. Today, the Queensland-based company is widely recognised for its high voltage electrical cable couplers and components for mining and tunnelling excavation projects.

AusProof has built a diverse range of mining industry clients, both in Australia and internationally including Africa, the United States, South America and Asia.

AusProof have carried their reputation of quality, reliability and innovation through to the newest addition, the PES 60A plug and receptacle range. This PES 60A range is fully certified to AS/NZS1299. An added feature for metalliferous mines is the 60A plug and receptacles are rated to 90A.

Other innovative features developed by the team include a single piece body with no internal cage, single piece contacts, easy termination, easy flameproof repair, solid earth connectivity throughout the product and phase to earth segregation.

The PES 60A range can be used in mining and commercial applications such as group one hazardous operations, metalliferous mines and tunnelling projects.

The 60A range is available for dispatch from March 2019. For further information, please contact an AusProof sales representatives or visit

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