AusIMM pledges commitment to diverse and inclusive sector


The Australasian Institute for Mining and Metallurgy (AusIMM) has signed an agreement memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Pride Professionals to support gender and sexually diverse Australian workers.

The agreement reflects a shared commitment to welcoming, including and advancing all people pursuing careers within the resources industry, including gender and sexually diverse professionals.

The agreement is crucial to elevating diverse representation in the industry, with both organisations recognising that building a more sustainable industry relies on attracting a diverse talent pool into the sector.

AusIMM chief executive officer Stephen Durkin said the agreement and the collaboration with Pride Professionals is extremely important for the organisation, as the peak body for resources professionals across Australasia.

“AusIMM and Pride Professionals are united in welcoming, supporting and including all people pursuing careers in the resources sector, including gender and sexually diverse people,” Durkin said.

“We recognise this is critical to advance the sector for the benefit of the diverse communities we serve.”

Pride Professionals co-founder Stephanie Graskoski said that a key component of the collaboration will be the organisation working with AusIMM to understand the needs of diverse professionals, helping to drive ongoing improvements and awareness across the resources sector.

“We look forward to working with AusIMM to grow Pride Professionals’ reach and provide further opportunities for gender and sexually diverse professionals,” Graskoski said.

“Connecting our networks, understanding diverse experiences and creating safe spaces are key to creating an inclusive resources sector for all.

“That is what the AusIMM and Pride Professionals collaboration seeks to advance.”

Pride Professionals is focussed on providing gender and sexually diverse professionals across Australia with access to supportive, safe, professional networks, connections and mentoring opportunities with allied associations.

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