Aurizon to cut 800 jobs

Aurizon plans to slash around 800 jobs over the coming years as it carries out a rationalisation program.

“Aurizon has commenced its next three-year phase of its Operations transformation program and related investment in rail freight services as it aims for improved productivity and operational performance for its customers,” it said in a company statement.

This includes some investment in new facilities as well as “ongoing rationalisation of surplus capacity and maintenance facilities”.

In the near term it will close the locomotive and wagons maintenance depots in Rockhampton, consolidating operations with the nearby Rockhampton Heavy Maintenance Facility (RHMF), cutting 17 jobs in the process.

As part of this, 41 roles will be cut from the RHMF, although 14 of this roles are already vacant. However four new roles will created.

This will result in a net impact of 23 roles lost.

The wheelshop at Townsville will close six months earlier than scheduled, cutting 34 workers from the company.

Aurizon will, however, investment $50 million in a new, highly automated wheel machining shop in central Queensland that will replace three separate wheelshops at Redbank, Rockhampton, and Townsville.

The logistics company stated that changes come on the back of continued depressed economic environments in mining and the effect this is having on freight tonnages.


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