Attempted miner poisoning at Roy Hill mine

Poisoned food has been uncovered at the Roy Hill iron ore mine, although its apparent target remains a mystery.

Police have been called to the Pilbara mine after a contractor on site found an odd piece of fruit with a strange colouration and taste on Monday, according to the ABC.

Tests carried out yesterday confirmed the fruit contained a deadly, but as of yet unnamed, chemical.

However the incident appears to be an isolated one, with no additional reports of contaminated food surfacing on the site, with Roy Hill spokesperson Bill Hart telling the ABC “we are taking it very, very seriously”.

Roy Hill CEO Barry Fitzgerald reaffirmed the site’s focus on its workers, stating: "Our first and foremost priority is the safety and wellbeing of our people”.

"We have tightened our food security as a means of ensuring no further incidents occur and are working closely with the police in their investigation."



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