Atlas Copco unveils new surface drill rig

Atlas Copco has launched its latest surface drill rig offering, the SmartROC D60.

The down-the-hole (DTH) rig is designed for drilling 110 to 178 millimetre holes and can be used in a variety of mining and quarrying applications.

It has been designed with a high level of automated features, such as the rig’s hole navigation system (HNS) and auto positioning systems built to ensure the rig will locate the exact position of each hole and then accurately collar and drill them to the pre-defined depth and inclination.

“This gives a better fragmentation and improves both the loadability and crushability,” Atlas Copco said.

“The robust, standard feed carrying five metre tubes, feature built-in sensors in the rod handling cylinders and carousel motor, enabling more reliable rod handling and eliminating the need for inductive sensors,” it said.

“The rig also has Auto Rod Handling as a standard feature to automatically add and then extract the rods when the desired depth is reached.”

The SmartROC D60 can be used for toe-hole, dewatering hole, and horizontal drilling, and as the feed can be positioned horizontally, feed maintenance is also easier.

The machine also has lower fuel consumption compared to previous models due to intelligent control of the compressor load and engine RPM, resulting in potential fuel savings of up to 15 per cent compared to the FlexiROC D60.

Atlas Copco added that in cases of potential bench instability the SmartROC D60 can be used with Atlas Copco’s BenchREMOTE operator station to allow it to be used from up to 100 metres waay.

“The development of this rig is the latest in our drive to produce a wider range of surface drill rigs that can give better results at lower costs,” Atlas Copco, product manager at the surface and exploration drilling division in Sweden, Mattias Hjerpe said.

“It’s the smart way to go in today’s economy and I can promise that these rigs will get even smarter in the future.” 

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