Atlas Copco unveils hyper-precise production drill

Atlas Copco has demonstrated the extreme precision of its new Simba S7 production drill by performing pool tricks shots in an underground mine.

The new fully automation ready model is the latest for the drill range which was originally launched in 1960.

The Simba S7 is a compact long-hole production drill rig built to be highly manoeuvrable in small to medium drifts.

Designed for hard rock drilling, it uses the COP1838+ and MUX+ hydraulic top hammers.

In terms of safety the machine features a FOPS and ROPS approved cabin, as well as automatic drill stoppage to prevent accidents involving personnel or equipment.

“This winning concept is the combination of the long since developed control system RCS, the integrated angle instrument, and the automated software options,” Atlas Copco’s Mikael Larslin said.

“Together, this is what makes it possible for the rig to adapt according to rock conditions as well as to drill with high precision,” he said.

“Simba S7 increases flexibility and precision while the operator-friendly work environment ensures safety and work satisfaction.”

Watch the video below to see Atlas Copco demonstrate the drill’s precision be performing pool trick shots – the butterfly shot –  in a mine 42 metres under the surface.

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