Atlas Copco unveil side bucket version of Scooptram loaders

Atlas Copco has released a new side dump bucket as an option for its Scooptram loaders.
According to Atlas Copco, the side dump bucket option allows the loader to be used in a wider range of applications from tunnel projects to rail and road tunnels, as well as rapid tunnel development in mining.
"Depending on the application, the side dump bucket can also speed up the work cycle," the machinery manufacturer said.
Loaders equipped with a standard front loading conventional bucket typically travel between 100 and 300 metres from loading to dumping point.
With a side dump bucket this distance is reduced, resulting in shorter and gradually faster cycle times between rounds.
“Filling the bucket in the muck pile, reversing and positioning parallel to a truck, lifting the boom to prepare, and then dumping the material in a truck can all be done in one motion. Furthermore, lowering of the bucket and boom as well as going forward to fill the next bucket-load can also be done in one go," Atlas Copco product manager Ben Thompson explained.
The side dump bucket also means fewer loaders are needed to serve multiple trucks, eliminating the need for loading bays of cutouts. 
On top of this both tyre wear and fuel consumption is reduced, further reducing running costs.
The bucket is available for Scooptram ST17, ST1030, and ST14.
This new development comes just months after Atlas Copco released a new 18 tonne underground loader, the Scooptram ST18.
The bucket in action.

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