Atlas Copco releases new drill compressor

Atlas Copco has unveiled its new DrillAir Y35 portable compressor for geothermal drilling applications.

According to the manufacturer “the DrillAir Y35 can drill two 4.5” geothermal wells in a single day, with its high penetration rates significantly reducing the fuel cost per metre drilled” as it consumes less than 2.2 litres of fuel per metre drilled.

Atlas Copco stated that machine has been designed with a 35 bar pressure, and 580 l/s flow.

Due to this pressure, drilling depths of 500 metres per day are achievable.

“The Y35’s integrated Dynamic Flow Boost technology can be used to increase flow from 34.8 to 39m3/min (650 l/s), providing faster flushing and stem refill and ultimately a quicker finish time,” Atlas Copco said.

“When required, the working pressure range can also be set as low as 15 bar Extended Pressure Range (XPR) technology; this helps prevent soil cavitation during overburden drilling, as well as enabling the same compressor to be used for both geothermal and foundation drilling.”

The new drill compressor includes a Stage IV emissions standards Scania engine, and is a low noise machine suitable for projects in built-up areas.

It also features a built-in oil clearner, saver ring, and separate cylinder heads.

A three-layer coating protects all bodywork, while a compact 4.1 metre frame and lower weight aid transport and manoeuvrability on site.


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