Atlas Copco receives first underground truck orders

Minetruck MT65

Byrnecut has ordered two of Atlas Copco’s latest MT65 haul trucks – the world’s largest capacity underground truck – following successful trials at St Barbara’s Gwalia mine in WA.

Gwalia is one of the deepest mines in the goldfields, at 1620m deep, with a haul distance of 10km. During the four-month trial, the 65 tonne truck carried an average 65.7 tonne payload for over 2000 hours, at similar speeds to the existing MT6020s.

The MT65 was based on the knowledge of the MT6020 fleet, featuring the same components and making maintenance easier.

“Our primary input was around maintenance,” Max Woods, group plant Asset Manager for Byrnecut, said.

“Ease of maintenance should lower costs, the filters are grouped together for easy access, and ground level servicing is safer and more efficient. And, the MT65 has the same major components as the MT6020, so maintenance personnel are familiar with them.”

The MT65 is fitted with Atlas Copco’s CAN bus control system, making the regulation of transmission, engine, and hydraulics smarter, and improves the system’s energy efficiency. RCS also means the truck is automation ready.

The truck will have its worldwide debut at MINExpo this week.

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