Atlas Copco launches new rock drills

Atlas Copco has launched a new series of one-handed hydraulic underground handheld rock drills for deep mines.

The new drill system, called HRD100, is reportedly one of the most powerful underground handheld rock drills on the market, according to Atlas Copco.

With a greater focus throughout the industry on achieving maximum productivity and efficiency, Atlas have designed the HRD100 with a higher drill rate and "considerable energy efficiency compared to conventional pneumatic or electrical rock drills," Atlas said.

As the system is hydraulic, rather than pneumatic, noise has also been slashed with "measured noise approximately 50 per cent lower than that of a pneumatic  drill".

"The polyurethane cover shields noise and makes the unit shockproof as well, with the rock drill able to handle a drop from up to two metres."

The HRD system itself consists of the rock drill (the RD100), the power pack (the PP100), and a selection of water pusher legs.

All hoses and cables are included.

The drills have also been created with sustainability as well as wear and tear in mind, with the HRD100 featuring a five-step water adjustment to help operators use the right amount of water for each step – and when the drilling stops the flow also automatically stops.

“We really made an effort to provide high drill rates at low operational cost. But it is equally important to create a system that save the operators energy by being light and reliable,”  Oleg Korobotchkine the product line manager, said.

Operational usability and worker fatigue have also been addressed, with the drill featuring a one-handed operation and carrying handles.

The stackable PP100 power pack essentially manages itself, with smart functions that automatically monitor oil flow and oil temperature, whilst water-cooling and automatic overheat protection increases safety and the system's overall reliability.

The system also monitors oil volume and compensates for pressure differences, which allows operators to work with the PP100 at a 45 degree angle without power loss.

A simple design also makes it easier to top up hydraulic oil while in the mine.

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