Atlas Copco launches Boomer S2 with bizarre video

Atlas Copco has demonstrated the robustness of its newly released automated Boomer S2 by letting the ‘Hydraulic Press Guy’ launch objects at it.

The company released the Boomer S2, the first automated drill in the small face drilling segment, at MINExpo.

atlas 2According to Atlas Copco, it developed the video as a response to the “preconceived notion about automated products within the mining industry and tunnelling industry that automated products aren’t robust enough and can’t handle heavy duty work”.

“Atlas Copco wanted to debunk that notion.”

It has utilised the skills of Youtube sensation Hydraulic Press Guy (Lauri Vuohensilta), who – in the below video – launches fruit, paint, and other materials at the drill while it attempts to carry out a drilling procedure, also letting off small explosions at the same time.

“Since we are in a very niche market we are always looking for strong personalities that share the same interests as us and who can help us showcase our core values in a colourful way,” Hanna Knutsson, Atlas Copco’s global communications and brand manager, said.

This video follows Atlas Copco demonstrating the hyper-precision of its Simba S7 drill by using it to play pool trick shots in an underground mine.


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